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Amsterdam Dance Event reveals special shows by Max Cooper, Secret Artists in Residence and more

Amsterdam Dance Event

To enhance the conference's new immersive experience, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has just unveiled new audiovisual and musical acts for the ADE Pro Conference schedule. A deep immersion lesson and audiovisual display by the London-based producer Max Cooper is among the confirmed programming, as is a unique version of the Secret Artists in Residence idea for a group jam session at the Felix Meritis headquarters of ADE Pro.

Immersive experiences at Felix Meritis

Max Cooper has been added to the ADE Pro programme in response to the recent news that Claptone would be hosting a special event at Amsterdam Dance Event. Cooper offers a thorough workshop and audiovisual performance in which he explores the nexus between music, physics, and art.

Secret Artists in Residence

'Secret Artists in Residence' is scheduled to conduct an exclusive event for ADE Pro visitors this year after making its debut at Best Kept Secret Festival last year and ADE Festival 2022 for a sophomore edition. The idea is home to uncommon artistic partnerships and live jam sessions with a lineup that includes Steve Rachmad, Alberta Balsam, Mathew Jonson, Sarah Neutkens, and others in a temporary music studio constructed at Felix Meritis.

ADE Pro Conference

Strategies, Opportunities, and Responsibilities that define the global electronic music industry are the first subjects and themes that have been confirmed for this year's conference. The program dives into significant strategic concerns like planning large-scale events in a market that is becoming more unpredictable, becoming a music industry expert in the recent explosion of machine learning, getting your music used in movies and series on the most well-known video streaming platforms, and much more.

The William Morris Endeavor Agency (WME) and the events collective HE.SHE.THEY. have just confirmed their collaboration to promote inclusion in electronic music. Steven Braines and Sophia Kearney, co-founders of HE.SHE.THEY., are joined by WME agents Bailey Greenwood and Fernando Montes to discuss effective diversity and inclusion initiatives and how to foster fairness and equity within the system. Selina Chowdhury, Head of Marketing for Emerging Markets at Warner Music, also attends ADE Pro to talk about the introduction of the company's new Emerging Markets dance label and other topics.

The ADE Pro Pass grants access to the full conference program, alongside networking events, the ADE Festival program and more. Tickets are available at the current Early Bird rate through ADE’s website.

Amsterdam Dance Event

Images Credit: Global Publicity Press


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