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Afriqua Takes It 2 Da House with genre-bending Hi-Fi Lo-Fi anthem

Tomorrowland CORE RECS

Hampton Roads native and dance music maestro Afriqua returns with ‘Take it 2 Da House’, a genre-bending anthem infused with his Dirty South roots and destined to dominate dancefloors worldwide. Fresh off the international buzz of ‘Da Whip’, ​ championed by heavyweights like Seth Troxler, Pete Tong, and DJ Tennis, Afriqua pushes the boundaries anew. This time, he pulls once again on his Miami influences, and masterfully flips Trick Daddy's iconic ‘Take it to the House’, weaving it into the fabric of "the most hi-fi lo-fi house track of all time”.


‘Take it 2 Da House’ is out now via all platforms.


Hampton Roads, Virginia might be renowned for the legendary work of The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot, but it's not exactly known for its dance music scene. With ‘Take it 2 Da House’, Afriqua rewrites the narrative. This modern dance floor weapon draws not only from the Miami Bass and Dirty South sounds of his youth, but also the Midwest house music traditions that shaped his sonic identity.


More than a track, ‘Take it 2 Da House’ is a statement. Afriqua, the sole Hampton Roads representative in the international dance music scene, proudly wears his southern influences while carving a future-forward soundscape. Pulsating spacey loops, gritty basslines, vocal samples, and Afriqua's signature production prowess blur the lines between genres and eras, creating a hypnotic experience destined to ignite dancefloors worldwide.

Tomorrowland CORE RECS

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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