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A shooting incident at Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge event left 2 dead and 3 injured

Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge

Chaos broke out at the eagerly awaited Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge music festival as a shooting at the campground unfolded, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Here is what we currently know in light of the most recent information from the Sheriff's Office press conference:

A lone shooter began fire on festival attendees without discrimination at around 8:23 p.m. local time. Authorities and attendees are both looking for explanations as to why this horrible act of violence occurred.

Unfortunately, the shooting has resulted in the death of two people. In addition, three people were hurt during the terrifying incident, including the shooter. The ages of the victims have not yet been revealed, leaving friends and family members in a state of heightened anticipation.

Law enforcement officers are attempting to put together the details of the incident as the investigation progresses. Unfortunately, the type of weapons used in the attack have not yet been identified, raising worries about how readily available firearms are in our culture.

Image Credit: Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge Facebook


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