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Öwnboss and Outflux join forces on ‘Preacher’

Ownboss Tomorrowland Music

Brazilian superstar Öwnboss has joined forces with fellow Brazilian DJ and producer Outflux to create their seductive house anthem ‘Preacher’, released on Tomorrowland Music today! ‘Preacher’ features Öwnboss’ distinctive bass house groove and enchanting vocals by Los Angeles-based vocalist No/Me. The track introduces a fresh vibe, with catchy basslines and synth-heavy chords that will keep listeners moving to the rhythm.

‘Preacher’ by Öwnboss and Outflux is part of a specially curated collection of festival releases by Tomorrowland Music, leading up to Tomorrowland Brasil. This celebration marks the return of Tomorrowland to Brazil on October 12-14, 2023, bringing together some of the most prominent artists in electronic music on Tomorrowland’s record imprint.

Öwnboss: “I've been working with Outflux for years, he's a talented Brazilian producer who became a friend. So, we are always talking and ‘Preacher’ caught my attention from the beginning. When I heard it for the first time, it was already great. The vocals of the super talented and hit maker No/Me were incredible and I knew I could add a lot in terms of production. From then on, we adjusted the project and got in touch with Tomorrowland Music as we knew it would fit perfectly with the label. ​ The production of ‘Preacher’ was challenging. How to musicalize a song with such a sonorous, pure and striking vocal? Our job, then, was not to fight with it, but cooperate and join efforts. In other words, we looked for a production that worked in favor of the track's vocals, so that it was the protagonist; where the melodic progression and synths were present, important and catchy, but that didn't never steal the spotlight from the voice. So we made the entire song based on the vocals and the synth drop, which in my opinion is the highlight of this song.”

Outflux: “We wanted the drop to sound powerful, but catchy, so we decided to use a unique type of sound for the main lead. We went after something that sounded cool, but also different, and that’s when we came up with this heavily distorted lo-fi type of sound. We used No/Me’s vocals a lot for the ear candies, we re-pitched a couple of ad libs, made some weird sounding stuff, and made it fit into the drop. The final result turned out awesome.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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